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 ~ SourDough ~

Wild Texas yeast starter - taking a week to develop, two days to be fed up for a healthy starter & used for baking, producing a delicious artisan boule.

Each round over 2 lbs (avg 2lbs 5oz) and with a mild to medium mild, rich sourdough flavor.  This is a healthy alternative to anything you could purchase in a grocery or whole food store.

Perfect for Rubens, corned beef, pastrami ... load it up with your favorites for sandwiches or just butter and toast for perfect jams & jelly holder! This delicious bread makes any sandwich a gourmet treat ... one customer was so excited about their grilled cheese on this bread that they sent pictures! 

In fact, THIS picture is courtesy of a customer who thought her sandwich with sliced cheese, sliced cucumber & sliced tomatoes, all fresh from the Farmers Market was almost too pretty to eat without first taking a picture!

To order - Must receive order by noon the day before desired pick up to be ready for pick up here at the Farm by late afternoon pick up day. 

Must be ordered by noon Thursday for pick up at Greenville Farmers Market on Saturday. 

Must be ordered by noon Monday for pick up at Jersey Girl Milk Company in Winnsboro on Wednesdays.

Please send your order by TEXT to 469-396-7267 with your name, what you would like and day / time for pick up ... I will text you back to confirm.

Full Round (Boule) $10.00

Half Round (Boule)  $6.00

~ Traditional White Bread ~

Made from scratch, kneaded and each loaf shaped by hand, baked in my kitchen oven - no bread machines leaving that funky little hole in one end, no chemical preservatives or ingredients you can't pronounce!

Sweetened with local, raw honey! 

Baked fresh, double rise, tender texture!  This slightly sweet white bread is perfect for sandwiches, toasting, french toast, butter and jam or just plain.

Order before noon today and have your bread fresh for supper tonight


Pick up at the Farm or Order for Saturday pick up at the Greenville Farmers Market or the Commerce Farmers Market.   Free delivery available in the Commerce, TX area.

Large 2  1/2 lb loaf    $7.00  Honey White Bread

~Whole Wheat Bread ~

100% Organic Wheat - ground fresh the same day I bake!  Store bought Wheat Bread can't compare to real home-baked bread made from scratch, no mixes, no "bread machines", by hand, with freshly milled whole wheat flour.

Because I grind my whole wheat seeds the same day I bake -- my whole wheat bread is more nutritious than ANY bread for sale retail.  Even if you bake your own, if you don't grind the wheat fresh yourself you are not getting the "whole wheat - whole grain" that you think you are.

Even flour companies who advertise "whole grain flour" are still processing their flour and extracting large portions of the wheat bran, wheat germ and all the essential oils in order for it to have a shelf life ... according to government "standards" a company has to replace only 51% of the bran only ( and none of the nutrient rich wheat germ or any of the essential oils) in order to qualify to call their product "WHOLE" wheat.

Finally, to give my Whole Wheat bread it's unique sweet flavor I use something no other retail or health food store uses as a prime ingredient  --  Local  Raw Honey -- giving my bread the most amazing delicious flavor you've ever tasted!

Higher fiber, higher protein, increased digestibility.  More vitamin A, B6, B12, & C than even "enriched" bread or bread from a health food store.

 Only freshly ground wheat makes a true whole wheat flour ... my whole wheat flour is a legitimate "complex carbohydrate" ... this means it is easier on the glycemic index, is slower to digest so it won't spike your blood sugar like the store bought breads.

HEALTHY never tasted so DELICIOUS!  

Large 2  1/2 lb loaf    $8.00   Honey Whole Wheat Loaf

~  Sprouted Grain Bread  ~

Sprouting the grains to make this bread unlocks the powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, pro biotic nutrients only available when the seeds natural growth process has been triggered!


Sprouting significantly increases bio-availability of all the nutrients for the healthiest choice you can make for you and your family!  Freshly ground whole wheat flour AND sprouted grain means this bread is digested as a complex carbohydrate NOT a simple carb like store-bought white or wheat breads. 

Results are that this truly Whole Wheat bread is much easier on your glycemic index than any store-bought white or wheat bread.   Combine the sprouted grain with the freshly milled whole wheat flour goodness and you will never go back to the over-processed bland stuff the grocery store or even the health/whole food store sells at $10.00 for a small loaf!

  Each full sized loaf  2  1/2 lbs!

Sprouted Grain Bread and Sprouted Wheat Multi-Grain Bread

    $9.00 per loaf

(Because the grains for the Sprouted loaves require a 48 hour sprout time

 please call or text to pre-order at least 2 days prior to the 

day you need it.  Example:  If you need your sprouted loaves for Sunday dinner, place your order

no later than Thursday.)

 ~ CHALLAH Bread ~

Golden brown, rich taste! Crunchy crust outside and light texture inside!  Egg rich recipe makes this double rise yeast bread an amazing treat - often available just for holidays or special occasions - now you can make any meal a special occasion - any get together a holiday!

Order your Challah loaves today and enjoy this special treat often!

Each loaf - about 22" long and over 2 lbs - $12.00

~ ~ MUFFINS ~ ~ ROLLS ~ ~ Specialty ~ ~

~ Millet Muffins ~

Organic, whole grain healthy never tasted SO good!  These muffins are NOT sweet!  They are not sweetbread muffins where the "muffin" part is more like cake and sweet!  These are more like a dinner  muffin, very tasty, just NOT sweet.  They are  lightly crunchy, with golden brown crusty tops, which give way to an amazingly tender inside!  Made with organic whole grains, and just a touch of natural sweeteners like local raw honey and natural maple syrup, these muffins are perfect for breakfast, brunch, snacks, dinner ... in fact, there just aren't too many times when they aren't perfect!

Sold by the dozen

Dozen:  $10.00


Moist, tender and just bursting with blueberries and that terrific fresh blueberry flavor!  Farm fresh ingredients, free range eggs, organic flour, grains, and berries!  Crunchy Dutch crumb topping, with or without pecans, Your choice if you order in advance, MY choice if I don't hear from you  :)

Sold by the Dozen:  $15.00
Half Dozen:  $8.00

~ Cinnamon Sour Cream Muffins ~

Melt in your mouth goodness - loaded with that cinnamon crumble - inside and outside, plus the rich sour cream muffin!

Always only the best, farm fresh ingredients, NO preservatives or artificial ingredients like you get with mixes or bought from a store!

These delightful muffins will become your new family favorite. Great for Sunday morning, or sleep in Saturday Brunch or, well, Monday for a quick warm breakfast, hmmm which would also work for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!  Ok, anytime at all, these moist, wonderful muffins are terrific!

Sold by the Dozen:  $15.00

Half Dozen:  $8.00  

~ Home made CINNAMON ROLLS ~

Deliciousness in every bite!  These are not your typical "store bought" Cinnamon Rolls that are loaded with preservatives & artificial ingredients - NOPE!  

Every ingredient is fresh (and you can pronounce every one of them!)  eggs, milk, brown sugar, butter & cinnamon, cream cheese frosting all together make one amazing pan of gooey taste treats!

These come in two sizes - - half pan (usually round) with 8 rolls or 

whole pan - (usually square) with 16 - both are in pans that can be reheated at home (300 degree oven for about 5 - 7 minutes only - I recommend you cover with foil to keep them moist and getting too brown!)

Included is a generous side of frosting to smear on as little or as much as you like when you take them out of the oven - MmmmmMmm - a real home made treat!

Half pan  $11.00

Whole pan  $20.00


Moist, chocolatey brownies!  A new addition to the Farm's offering of delicious sweet treats.  NEW, because, while I've made these brownies for years, it never occurred to me that anyone else would consider them!  I mean, after all, doesn't everyone make brownies?

Imagine my surprise when folks were asking me to bake them!!  

No brownies from a box! Nothing artificial and certainly No preservatives!

Rich chocolate with the gooey middle and the lightly crisp, crinkly top - melts in your mouth!  Almost impossible to just eat one.

Add a cold glass of farm fresh real milk and you have a guaranteed smile!

Brownies available by the half pan (9 count cut or uncut in the pan) - $8.00

Full pan (18 count) - $15.00

~ Gluten FREE Organic GRANOLA ~

My special recipe toasted Granola is Gluten Free, all organic ingredients!

No Soy, no wheat, no artificial preservatives and No refined sugar!

Sweetened naturally with 100% raw maple syrup and toasted to a golden brown!  This delicious treat is perfect in yogurt, for lunchboxes, over salads or all by itself!

My husband loves it for his breakfast cereal - a big bowl covered with cold, fresh from the cow milk!
Grandkids love it for a snack, straight out of the jar!  (/shhhh don't tell them it's GOOD for them!)

Pint jar - $8.00
Quart jar - $15.00
1/2 Gallon jar - $25.00
$22.00 when you return your half gallon jar. Get a $3.00 discount on your next 1/2 gallon.


If you think you don't like bread pudding - - it's only because you've never tasted mine!

Made exclusively with my home made Honey White Bread or Honey Whole Wheat bread - lots of farm fresh, free range eggs, creamery butter, spices and lots of deliciousness.  Sprinkled generously and thickly with a decadent brown sugar, butter & cinnamon crumble topping that browns into a lightly crunchy crust.

Most bread puddings have a flavored sauce (and my other bread puddings do, your choice) but this special one is perfect with your favorite maple syrup drizzled over the top.  Served warm with syrup gives the taste buds a wonderful treat just like the best 5 star French Toast!  A surprise for breakfast, a special treat for Sunday morning brunch!  For after dinner, warm this perfect dessert and place a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an amazing finale to any dinner - - everyday or special occasion.

French Toast Bread Pudding - 9" X 13" full pan - $30.00              8" X 8" half pan - $15.00

~ Organic APPLE BUTTER ~

Made from fresh, organic apples - Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Honey Crips, Fuji and other varieties  for a delicious blend of tart and sweet!

My apple butter recipe is old school - no "red hot" candy used like in some current recipes to save time or because they just didn't know how to get that real, original flavor!  

Slow cooked all day, over 10 hours, to the perfect, spreadable consistency of delicious deep brown that makes toast, bagel or muffin amazing!  Almost 7 lbs of apples go into making just 2 quarts of this favorite treat!

Grandkids love this on pancakes or waffles, and have even been caught just eating spoonfuls right out of the jar! 

Seasonal Availability and Price adjusted seasonally to apple prices and availability
1/2 Pint jar - $9.00
Pint jar - $15.00



~ Sweet Potato Pecan Bread ~

If you loved your favorite Aunt's best candied sweet potato casserole, especially when she would put in pecans and top it with those little marshmallows ...  then I'm betting you will fall in love all over again with this "seasonal" favorite that you can enjoy all year round!

While I don't use the little marshmallows, I frost this delightful loaf with a rich, buttercream frosting, made from scratch to satisfy your every sweet-tooth craving!  Spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and more to make sure this decadent sweet bread will bring back the memories of those great times around the family table.  Start your own tradition, Sunday dinner just wouldn't be the same without a sweet ending.

Sweet Potato Pecan Bread - 9" X 5" loaf  (approx 3 lbs) - $18.00
Mini loaves - 3" X 5" (batch makes 5 mini loaves) - $4.00 each
available with or without nuts and with or without buttercream frosting  -  be sure to mention your preferences.

~  Banana Walnut Bread  ~

This delicious specialty loaf is loaded with fresh ingredients:  fresh, sweetly ripe bananas, walnuts, farm fresh eggs and lots of attention to the details of a hand mixed, from scratch batter.

 My Banana Walnut Bread is a dense, moist nut bread that will stay fresh covered and/or wrapped on your counter for over a week (IF it lasts that long!)  or double wrap it and place in your freezer to enjoy later.  This loaf freezes very well and maintains it's texture, moisture & delicious flavor upon thawing & serving! 

Served cold in lunches or heated warm with melted butter, whipped heavy cream or even ice cream.

Banana Walnut Bread (full sized bread loaf  9" X 5" approximately 3 lbs)             $18.00 per loaf
Half loaves     $10.00


This delicious seasonal favorite is available with or without nuts (walnuts or pecans) and with or without a Buttercream frosting.  Farm fresh ingredients make this loaf dense, rich and moist with a flavor that can be the perfect treat on the table for any occasion!

Baked in the largest size bread pan, 9" X 5", making each loaf approximately 3 lbs - - -  can be ordered with or without nuts (Walnuts or Pecans) and/or with or without buttercream frosting.

Pumpkin Nut Bread - 9" X 5" loaf (approx 3+ lbs) -  $18.00
When ordering be sure to specify:
With or without nuts (if not specified it will be WITHOUT)
and your preference for either Pecans or Walnuts 
(if not specified which type of nuts - the Pumpkin Bread will have Pecans)
& with or without buttercream frosting (if not specified - Pumpkin Bread will be unfrosted)

Also available:
Zucchini Nut Bread - 9" X 5" loaf (approx 3+ lbs) -  $18.00
When ordering please specify:
With or without nuts (Pecans or Walnuts) and
With or without buttercream frosting

The Pumpkin bread & Zucchini breads can only be ordered as a half loaf ($10.00) in "pairs" unless your pick up day is on Saturday.  
If you'd like me to explain this silly "order" rule, just ask  LOL  there really is a good reason!

~ ~ CAKES ~ ~ COOKIES ~ ~ CANDY ~ ~

~ Grandma's Favorite TEA CAKES ~

This was my very favorite treat when we went to my grandparent's farm.  Gram would have a whole batch of this plain cookie and we could devour a whole plate full with a big glass of cold, fresh from the cow milk!  

A cross between a cookie and a biscuit, some called them scones, others called them tea biscuits ... my sister and I just called them delicious!!  These delights are just barely sweet, some think a little bland, even ... they can be thicker or very thin, but we enjoyed them with milk or ... if we were having a special "sit down" with Grams we were given hot tea in her best china (just like the adults!).

Tea Cakes are excellent for family dinner dessert that doesn't need to be a special occasion, school lunches or for after school snacks when you don't want the munchkins to go into sugar shock before dinner -- also great for the times you are expected to bake the refreshments for school events, meetings, organizational get togethers, church fellowship ... whatever the event  --- give me a call, text or message me on FaceBook  (Kelly Howell in Commerce, TX - my picture icon is two loaves of bread  :D  go figure!)

Order by the Dozen:  Medium (like the picture) Tea Cakes:  $8.00 per dozen



If you love pecans, then THIS is your new "old fashioned" favorite!!

I only buy my pecans from ONE fellow, who goes to a "magical, secret grove" (not really, but the pecans are so good they could  be!) for his pecans ... they are sweet, moist, packed with amazing pecan flavor ... absolutely some of the best nuts anywhere in Texas!

I then use about 2 quarts of pecans for a batch of these cookies, other farm fresh ingredients, and a heaping helping of TLC all go into these cookies!  You've gotta try them, they're SO good!!

Pecan Lovers Cookies - 1 dozen - $12.00

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES ~ Gluten Free and STILL delicious!!

My grandmother made THIS peanut butter cookie for years, all us grandkids LOVED them for years - and this was YEARS before anyone ever even heard of "gluten free"!

Imagine MY surprise when I was asked by a customer if I could please find some gluten-free recipes ... so, I went through my recipe cards, books and hand-written pages and came across this one!  OMGoodness!  Such simple ingredients and so amazingly delicious!

I was almost tempted to NOT mention that they are gluten free!  But, alas, some folks really do have an allergy to gluten, so while they can't enjoy any of my regular breads, they can feast on old time, delicious flavor and still stay gluten free!

Also available frosted with a Peanut Butter buttercream frosting for an extra sweet treat!

By the dozen - $8.00

Frosted dozen - $10.00


NEWEST "old recipe" added to the cookie line-up!  Reminiscent of old fashioned macaroons, this melt-in-your-mouth cookie has all the delicious ingredients you remember that made you go "MMmmmm"  and want "just ONE more!"

Mounds of pure delicious-ness!  Golden brown & lightly crunchy at the outer edges and soft & chewy in the middle. 

Farm fresh eggs, butter, pure cane sugar, cold-pressed organic Coconut Oil, chocolate chips, flaky sweet coconut and unbleached organic flour .... no preservatives, no chemicals you can't pronounce, just amazing flavor ... that will keep your sweet tooth happy!

By the dozen - $10.00


Fresh lemons!  Freshly grated lemon zest, fresh squeezed juice, farm fresh eggs and a sweet, delicious taste that should have a warning label for maybe addictive!!

These are Franklin's special creation ~ made from scratch and turn out amazing every time! 

Lemony Drop Cookies - $10.00 dozen



Simply delicious!  Made like my grandmother taught my sister & me to make it  ...  NO "marshmallow creme" (that stuff is toxic!) to artificially keep it soft, no chemical preservatives  ...  just plain, down home ingredients you can actually pronounce ... real butter, sugar, cocoa, real milk, real vanilla and a dash of sea salt!  That's it!


Fudge that stays soft and literally melts in your mouth!  If you love chocolate, then THIS is your NEW old favorite. 


Order: By the Pan (8" X 8"  approximately 2.5 lbs)      $18.00

At the Farmers Market: By the Piece ( 2" X  2" X  1  1/2")    $2.00


NEW ITEM from Found Penny Farm!   

These delicious individual devils food cakes are filled to over-flowing with creamy vanilla frosting.  Individual sizes that take care of that sweet tooth craving regardless of when the craving strikes (although I warn you, one is so good, that two are terrific!) ...  late night snack ~ school lunch box ~ Saturday morning cartoons ~picnic desserts ~ birthday party treats!  

Individually wrapped - perfect for freezing and enjoying later!

Get a dozen, snack now ... freeze a few and enjoy them later when that "MUST have CHOCOLATE" taste bud needs to be satisfied!  From scratch, farm fresh ingredients, hand mixed original recipe for the most delicious snack around!

Individually wrapped - $2.75 each

Two - $5.00

1/2 Dozen - $14.00

Dozen - $25.00

~ My Sister Wanda's CHOCOLATE CAKE ~

My sister, Wanda, makes the most amazingly moist, rich milk chocolate cake with a milk chocolate frosting you will ever taste this side of Paradise!  (That would be Paradise, CA and I'm really not sure that there is any better chocolate cake to the west of Paradise either!)

This delicious extravaganza of chocolate, in the 9"  X 13" size weighs just a bit over 6 lbs.   When cut into 12 pieces of about 3" X 3", each piece weighs just a smidge over half a pound!  

Dense, moist chocolate cake and creamy, smooth milk chocolate frosting (that is almost it's own food group), will make your mouth happy and spoil you for any other chocolate cake as being only a distant third cousin!!

Order: Full cake (9" X 13"  approximately 6+ lbs)   $30.00


              Half cake (8" X 8" approximately 3+ lbs)     $18.00

~ Pineapple Upside Down Cake ~

This traditional favorite is loaded with pineapple!  Every bite deliciously moist and full of flavor.  Farm fresh eggs, sweet cream  - all the basics combined from scratch - no "mixes", no shortcuts!

An amazing elegant dessert cake that dresses up any family dinner into a  special occasion!


Round 8" - $16.00
Square 8" (1/2 cake) - $18.00
9" X 13" (full cake) - $30.00

~ Nanna's CARROT CAKE ~

I remember shredding carrots in Nanna's kitchen on Friday afternoon for her to use in her weekend Carrot Cake - mmmm! 
Carrots, coconut, farm fresh eggs, sweet cream, spices, all combined in a sweet, moist cake, frosted with a rich butter cream frosting.  Tastebud Nirvana! 

This old fashioned favorite can be your NEW old fashioned favorite!  Fresh out of my oven to your family table. 

8" pan (frosted or plain) - $18.00
9" X 13" (frosted or plain) - $34.00

Found Penny Farm

We are an honest-to-goodness working farm - - while we have our small farm fenced and cross fenced - this means, behind our front gate, we have livestock roaming, free range ... sheep, miniature and regular sized cows, chickens, a barn cat and a couple of dogs, contentedly grazing, playing, nesting, loafing pretty much every where here on the farm ... and THAT means, if you come to visit, you need to watch where you step.