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          About Our Farm
  Why "Found Penny" Farm?

When my husband, Franklin, and I first closed on our new little farmstead to describe it as a "fixer upper" would have been a very kind description!  We've been here about ten years and are still doing the "fixing up-ing" as we go, budget allowing, sometimes a big fix, sometimes a small fix, but always working toward making it 'our place'.

Ever since we've been here a big part of the fixing up has been cleaning up!  Our little farmstead is only about 4 acres, but that is huge when you are trying to clean up several years of neglect. The place was a mess!  Well, during the first few months every time I would go outside, regardless of whether it was the front yard, the back yard or further out into the pasture, even down by the small pond, if I looked down (usually to pick up a piece of the prolific amount of broken glass) I would find . . . money!  Usually pennies, sometimes a nickel or a dime and even a few times a quarter, but most often a penny.  Even now, after over ten years, every time it rains or even if the chickens scratch out a new spot to look for bugs, a new crop of glass shards (sometimes very tiny up to very large) will be brought to the surface and along with the glass bits and pieces, the pop top tabs, the pieces of old plastic or even older metal bottle caps I'll find a penny, or two or (once) three! 

So what else could we have called our place?  It was only appropriate - Found Penny Farm.

I have kept every one of those "found" pennies and when I get enough of them, I'm going to lay them all down flat on my kitchen floor and embed them there.  Every one gets me one penny closer to my new kitchen floor . . . then I can enjoy looking down and seeing all the found pennies collected through the years, remembering as I see them, how our place was and how it is now.

"See a penny, pick it up.  And all the day you'll have good luck!"
"A penny saved is a penny earned"
"A penny for your thoughts."
"If you 'put in your 2 cents worth' and only get 'a penny for your thoughts' . . . where does that other penny go?"
Pennies From Heaven
Penny Lane
penny whistle
penny candy
Miss MoneyPenny**



Found Penny Farm

5915 County Road 4710

Commerce, TEXAS 75428


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