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Found Penny Farm

Scratch baking - fresh from my ovens to your table!


WELCOME to the Found Penny Farm

Specializing in home made BREAD!  Whole Wheat and Sprouted Grain loaves made with fresh, home ground wheat flour for the freshest, most wholesome ingredients.  Delicious White Bread - Never any chemical preservatives, no "mixes" or short cuts.

100% Organic Whole Wheat, milled fresh the day of baking, gives each whole wheat loaf more nutrition than just about any bread available in the grocery store, the health food store or the whole food store.



My Sprouted Grain loaves are higher in fiber and protein than commercial bread and with a flavor and texture that says "OMGoodness!" all the way to the last slice.


By sprouting the grains, triggering the growth process, activating that natural process of sprouting, this significantly increases the naturally occurring vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E.  Natures' true way of making this "Staff of Life" food ENRICHED.


AVAILABLE locally at:



Address: 2203 Lee Street, Greenville, TX

Saturday mornings 

During Regular FARMERS MARKET Spring/Summer season (usually May through October):  8:45am ~ 12:00pm

During Off-Season (November through April):  9:00am ~ 12:00pm

Year round vendor

On Found Penny Farm

Found Penny Farm is a small, working farmstead.  Providing fresh baked items that you may order, available during the week, all year round, that would usually only be available on Saturday at the Farmers Market.

While I can take your order for when you need it, I also have *regular* baking days:

Tuesdays - order on Tuesday for pick up on our "Dairy Run" day of Wednesday.  Orders for fresh, real (raw) milk ordered by Tuesdays and baked items, baked on Tuesdays, for pick up when we get back from the dairy, usually by 1:00pm on Wednesdays.

Fridays - our regular baking day for the Greenville Farmers Market on Saturday. Call or text me at 469-396-7267 by Friday noon and pick it up Saturday at the Market.

On Fridays we bake FIRST to fill your special orders, to make sure that what you want to pick up will be there with your name on it. After we make sure YOUR order is done, then we bake the rest of the day to fill the tables for general sale to everyone else.  We often sell out way before noon, so if you want to make sure that what you want is there for you, call or text - 469-396-7267 - so I can put your name on it.

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Found Penny Farm

5915 County Road 4710

Commerce, TEXAS 75428


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