Found Penny Farm

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WELCOME to the Found Penny Farm

Home made BREAD!  Whole Wheat and Sprouted Grain loaves made with fresh, home ground wheat for the freshest, most wholesome ingredients.  Delicious White Bread - Never any chemical preservatives, no "mixes" or short cuts.

100% Organic Whole Wheat, milled fresh the day of baking, gives each whole wheat loaf more nutrition than just about any bread available in the grocery store, the health food store or the whole food store.


My Sprouted Grain loaves are higher in fiber and protein than commercial bread with a flavor and texture that says "OMGoodness!" all the way to the last slice.

By sprouting the grains, triggering the growth process, activating that natural process of sprouting, this significantly increases the naturally occurring vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E.  Natures' true way of making this "Staff of Life" food ENRICHED.

AVAILABLE locally at:


Saturday mornings 

During Regular FARMERS MARKET Spring/Summer season:  8:30am ~ 12:00pm

During Off-Season (October through April):  9:00am ~ 12:00pm


Saturdays times and dates as announced

Watch Kelly Howell on Facebook for times & dates for BOTH locations


Baking Daily (except Sunday) 

NOW available for ONLINE ordering all year 'round!



~~  Saturday Mornings  ~~

~~ 9:00am til 12:00pm (noon)  ~~

THANK YOU to all my great customers!  Because of your support, almost every Saturday is a "Sold OUT" Saturday!!

Found Penny Farm will continue to be at the Farmers Market Pavilion every Saturday throughout the year! 

Please check my FaceBook page for Saturday schedules at the Farmers Market, my Baking Days and Special Offers. 

If you let me know ahead of time I'll put your name on what you want so you won't be disappointed even if you don't get there early!

Everything from scratch ~ no mixes or short cuts

~ ~ BREADS ~ ~ ~ CAKES ~ ~ ~ CANDY ~ ~ COOKIES ~ ~

COME to the Farmers Market pavilion in Greenville, Texas every Saturday, from 9:00am until about 12:00pm (noon) or until I sell out (which is usually sooner than later)  see map above.

**The regular Farmers Market during the regular season has vendors with lots of wonderful items  ... hand made soaps and candles, local raw honey, amazing fresh veggies, and of course, fresh home baked breads, cakes, cookies ... give me a call by Friday and I will have YOUR baked items held for you on Saturday. Local vendors are at the Farmers Market especially for you! 

Don't disappoint your local small business vendors, farmers, bakers, craftsmen, artisans, we make the effort just for you!

In between Saturdays, I'm just a phone call or text message away. Order your bread, cake, cookies or candy by noon and I can usually have it for you by supper time.  I bake almost every day and would love to provide the baked goodness for your family's table!


If I don't answer it is likely that I'm up to my elbows in flour and/or bread dough so leave me a message with what you would like, your name and a return phone number. Or send me a text with the same information &  I'll call you to confirm  your order.

Support your community, your neighbors, your area small businesses