Critters Critters Our small flock grazing Some of the new moms & their youngsters 197553284 Dusty & Tucker Our jenny donkey with her 1 day old foal, Tucker 197553285 Adeen & Tucker Our miniature jersey cow, Adeen and the guard donkey Tucker 197553286 Adeen Adeen just a few days before delivering her first calf 197553287 Adeen & Cocoa Count Chocula, our first calf born on the farm, born on 9-11-2014 197553288 Count Cocoa Cocoa posing for the camera at 3 weeks old 197553289 Adeen & Cocoa Cocoa does like the camera 197553290 Fiddle & the chickens Little 2 day old Fiddle was curious about these feathered, 2 legged funny looking sheep. 197553291 Fiddle & Faddle Twins, Fiddle & Faddle, Fiddle taking a bit of a lie-down and Faddle's turn to check out the chickens. 197553292 Play time Little Comet loved to climb onto the back of dad. My husband called this game "Hop on Pop", it was a favorite pastime for the little guy 197553293 Comet launching He loved to jump off and on his very patient daddy ram 197553294 Flock grazing spring 2013 Foreground is the first little lamb born on Found Penny Farm, Harlie and her mom Star 197553295 Napping Our sweet LGD taking a nap in the barn, cooler than hot summer sun. . . she doesn't mind sharing her cool retreat with the chickens. 197553296 Mamma June and brood Our broody Partridge Rock hen with her little clutch 197553297