Found Penny Farm

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WHY "Found Penny Farm"?

When my husband, Franklin, and I first closed on our new little farmstead to describe it as a "fixer upper" would have been a very kind description!  We've been here about five years and are still doing the "fixing up-ing" as we go, budget allowing, sometimes a big fix, sometimes a small fix, but always working toward making it 'our place'.

Ever since we've been here a big part of the fixing up has been cleaning up!  Our little farmstead is only about 4 acres, but that is huge when you are trying to clean up several years of neglect. The place was a mess!  Well, during the first few months every time I would go outside, regardless of whether it was the front yard, the back yard or further out into the pasture, even down by the small pond, if I looked down (usually to pick up a piece of the prolific amount of broken glass) I would find . . . money!  Usually pennies, sometimes a nickel or a dime and even a few times a quarter, but most often a penny.  Even now, after over three years, every time it rains or even if the chickens scratch out a new spot to look for bugs, a new crop of glass shards (sometimes very tiny up to very large) will be brought to the surface and along with the glass bits and pieces, the pop top tabs, the pieces of old plastic or even older metal bottle caps I'll find a penny, or two or (once) three! 

So what else could we have called our place?  It was only appropriate - Found Penny Farm.

I have kept every one of those "found" pennies and when I get enough of them, I'm going to lay them all down flat on my kitchen floor and embed them there.  Every one gets me one penny closer to my new kitchen floor . . . then I can enjoy looking down and seeing all the found pennies collected through the years, remembering as I see them, how our place was and how it is now.

"See a penny, pick it up.  And all the day you'll have good luck!"
"A penny saved is a penny earned"
"A penny for your thoughts."
"If you 'put in your 2 cents worth' and only get 'a penny for your thoughts' . . . where does that other penny go?"
Pennies From Heaven
Penny Lane
penny whistle
penny candy
Miss MoneyPenny**

It really is as peaceful as it looks!
The beginnings of our small flock of (mostly) Dorper sheep.  Our very first ram (far right), BUD.  One of our first ewes (and still my favorite girl), Bea (center).  And Bud & Bea's first lamb, COMET (left).

March 2012

This little guy was our very first lamb born to our flock.  He was special.  From just one day old he preferred to be held by my husband almost more than eating!  If my husband didn't pick him up and hold him, he would paw his shin until he got some attention.  My husband is a softie anyway, and this was his first excursion into the wonderful world of "farm" and he was absolutely charmed by this little guy!  He picked out the name, Comet, because of the small white spot on top of his head that had a wisp of tiny white hairs trailing away from the spot, indeed, looking much like a comet against the black night sky.

Comet would run to Franklin every time he saw or even heard his voice.  Standing with his tiny hooves on my husbands foot,  Comet would butt his little head up against my husband's leg until Franklin would pick him up.  If that didn't work, Comet would impatiently paw at Franklin's  leg, just begging to be picked up and cuddled!  Franklin always obliged.

Comet was killed by a neighbors dog just 3 weeks after he was born.  I was very glad to have, at least, gotten pictures of this little guy, although it makes me more than a little sad to see them.  While each lamb born into our flock has their own personality and we name each one . . . there has not been another as immediately friendly, personable, lovable and gentle as was Comet.

We moved from this place to our Found Penny Farm about 6 months later, taking our small flock with us.

That neighbor denied that his dog, with blood still on his paws and muzzle, was responsible for killing our lamb. I'm guessing it was a good thing we moved . . . I was preparing for the next  time his dog came onto our property, so that I could deny responsibility for his dead dog while I stood there with my smoking shotgun.  Yup, good thing we moved.

Living out in the country does not relieve any animal owner of being a responsible owner.  If your animal is on YOUR property, it is a PET . . .

OFF  your property, it is a STRAY . . .

if it is on MY property, it is a PREDATOR.

I shoot predators.

Our pond on Found Penny Farm - our first winter  - ice storm, December 9, 2013.

The fencing was only temporary to keep the sheep off the thin ice.  As critters go, they are not the brightest bulbs in the pack. 

They do make up for this by being the most lovable!

LOOK at that face!!